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Getting to know the new Kings of soulfood; NuTribe.

Coming with the bliss, niiice sounds through your speaker, Nutribe are bringing the freshest from the North West. Their music comes from the depths of the pools of gold that represent soul and ultimate funkiness. Rhyming alongside Butcha B (the space dweller) these guys represent COLLECTA; the multi disciplinary arts collective, expressing themselves through music, dance, fashion, photography, film and visual arts. Nutribe optimise creativity, and I dig their vibe to the fullest extent so I caught up with them to see what's going on in their world so the people can get to know.

FELICITY GRANT: What is your favourite gig you've done so far this year and what gig are you most looking forward to over the Summer?

NU:Our favourite gig so far has definitely been at Africa Oye festival. The sun was shining hard, the people were smiling nuff and this channelled through us and into our show and it was a majorness!

We are really looking forward to performing at 'Brownswood Bubblers' created by the legendary Gilles Peterson, founder of Talkin' Loud record label who first produced amazing U.K. Acts such as Omar.

Tell me how your flows come together, what is your process when creating a track? Outside of music, the tribe is so interconnected on every level, shallow and deep. So when it comes to creating music we will just bring something to the table and bounce off each other. We naturally synchronise and tings flow and our mistakes usually create what will be the final product. So we say, we don't make mistakes.

What was it like working with Brothermoon on your upcoming album 'Da Nu Moon' to be released in September? Brothermoon is a genius, working with him was like a breath of fresh air. When you meet another artist and you understand each other it's a chance to create something special and that's what we doing.

What can the people expect from this album?

People can expect pure flava, blissness, niceness, gullyness, funkiness and much soul. Ting will make you feel good and feel like a don too..

So much talent is coming out of North West at the moment which is really exciting! What does home and the scene in the North West mean to you? The North West has been ignored for so long and it's nice to be involved in the rebuilding of it's voice. A lot of people down South have no idea there is music up here, we along with the other artists doing their ting are going to change that! Selectaaaa

Where are you hoping to be by the end of 2017?

By the end of the year we hope to be professionally distributed and have our 'NUgear' pon da scene 👀

Watch out for the album, Da Nu Moon coming for you in September. Meanwhile listen to the serious gullyness BELOW:

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