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Children of Zeus, CROWN

Children of Zeus is made up of Manchester-born Soul/HipHop duo Tyler Daley and Konny Kon. Both worthy of music royalty status within the Manchester underground scene; these guys started their rise to the top of the ranks and ended 2016 with a bang when they released their mesmerising, gospel-infused track ‘Crown’ . The video for the track features some serious Manchester royalty including the LEVELZ family, Dubphizix, Cul De Sac, Zed Bias and Strategy and DRS; two parts of Broke’n’English alongside Konny Kon.

I caught up with Konny Kon himself, to ask him about the pair’s influences in writing this serious soul food of a track: “I think it was a bit of a release for both of us. Tyler gets non stop requests to feature on other peoples’ music to sing chorus’s when he would also like to be recognised as an mc (which is what he started as). My verse is filled with frustrations I was feeling at the time. I think the beat just brought it out of me. I think we both just thought when people mention mcs in Manchester they forget about us so it was just to get it out the system.”

I think anyone who has listened to this track will agree that the beat in a sense brings something out of everyone. I feel empowered when I listen to it, it really is a powerful track that I absolutely adore and can’t wait for these guys to get some well deserved recognition this year. Watch the video for "Crown" here:

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