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IT'S MERMAID SEASON! Get To Know Manchester's New Underground Soulstress IAMDDB.

IAMDDB is taking over the Manchester scene with a hypnotising, soulful vocal. Her spellbinding Urban Jazz/neo-soul vibe completely seduces her online following into a pure state of 'feel-good'. Leaned Out, which was created in collaboration with the incredible Manchester producer, Inka has now reached over 38,000 views on YouTube and gives fans an insight into the behind the scenes life of Diana. Her album WAEVEYBABY VOLUME 1 is one of my favourites of 2016. The project takes you on a journey through self love and good vibes, and you come away reflecting on life in a positive light. Cop the album on Spotify and iTunes.

IAMDDB, thanks for the interview. I know you have a busy schedule, what are you up to today?

Wahgz. Today we’ve been recording music with the amazing Khalil Madovi. I’ve been working on some backing vocals for his upcoming show in March in LDN TWN. It’s been lit.

You have been named one of the Top 7 Artists not to miss at Salford’s Sounds from the Other City 2017, how does that feel? I haven’t had time to feel anything yet! I’m flattered that they even listen to my music, big up them. It really is MERMAID SEASON !!!! OOOoooo

How did you discover your love for music? It was always in me. From growing up around my Father in our home studio and always being around creatives it grew on me. Music was my happy place, and still continues to be. After doing BTEC Performing Arts in High School I knew that in music would definitely be where I ended up. Music is my first love!

So, tell me about your roots and what Manchester means to you. I’m originally from Portugal/Angola. MCR is home though, you bishes have my heart. I think MCR will always be home because we got the vibes. Most of my childhood was spent in MCR so it definitely holds a special place in my heart.

Where does your name, IAMDDB come from? Well I used to use my legit government name ‘Diana Debrito’ then I thought, nah I don’t want to have any obvious connections to my Dad who goes by the name of Manuel De Brito. I took my initials ‘DDB’ and yeah, IAMDDB was born.

The Top 5 Sound of 2017 are Ray BLK, Rag ’N’ Bone Man, Raye, Jorja Smith and Nadia Rosie. I think its safe to say you fit into this niche perfectly. What do you think about the recent demand for UK Grime and RnB and what it means for the future? First of all big up to every single one of them for doing bits! I’m really diggin’ Jorja and Nadia atm. In regards to the rise of UK Grime and RnB, I think it’s all about better lyrical content within music considering it plays such a huge part in life, you have to stay out doing what’s real and feed your soul. I think people with a struggle, have an in-depth story to tell.

How did you come to collaborate with Lenzman on ‘In My Mind?’ My bro Tyler Daley, (one half of Children of Zeus) put me forward as one of the upcoming artists from MCR and from that Lenzman just hit me up one day, I didn’t even know who he was at first, but when I did my research I couldn’t believe that he hit ME up. So I thought yeah, lets try something different and so ‘In My Mind’ came to life! Big up Lenzman overtime, cop the EP plus we on Vinyl too!

I came to your recent show at Hoxton Sq. Bar and Kitchen and their were fans singing all the words to your breakthrough track, Leaned Out and even made you repeat it! How does it feel to be recognised in London? It was a MADTING! I was not expecting the reception I received at all, it was so humbling!!! It’s really heart warming to be able to perform for the first time in a different city and receive so much love, there are too many contacts to be made there too!

What are your thoughts on social media as a means of promotion? Its extremely important and artists especially should recognise that people do watch what you post. Use it to your advantage not to your own sabotage.

Talk me through the journey of WAEVEYBABY Volume 1, your recent album which I must say is one of my fave releases of the year? Thank you! WaeveyBby VOL1 is just an introduction to IAMDDB. Honesty, empowerment and acceptance were the main concepts behind this project. I just wanted people to feel as though they could be themselves ‘I AM’ without feeling like they are being judged. Hopefully my listeners can relate to the content I write, and my experiences.

What is your favourite track? Ooooooo, I don’t have a favourite they are all special in their own unique ways, but if I had to choose I’d say Childsplay, that track holds a very special place in my heart.

Finally, what are you hoping to achieve this year? WORL’ DOMINATION BISH!!! Haha, nah this year I’m just looking to enjoy myself musically, collaborate, perform at festivals and venues I’ve always wanted to perform at; but mainly grow within myself, not only musically but as a being. Growth is essential to this journey I’m about to embark on… KEEP IT G OFCOURSE.

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