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A perfect mix of faultless production and delicious RnB vocals with newcomer Jay Lewn's new sing

I believe in every artist that I include on Feed That Soul, but this next artist is up there with the top of the class. His head is constantly buried in a mixing desk, he spends every free second in the studio working not only on his own music, but producing for other artists such as Harleighblu (he also appeared on her Colors Berlin video) and outstanding London rapper, Koder. If you're into that dark, 'close your eyes and feel it' RnB, with glitchy drums contrasting with a soft instrumentation then Jay Lewn is one to add to your playlist.

So totally brag-worthy Jay has produced, mixed and mastered the track himself along with his very own stunning performance. The Night will have you reflecting inwardly on the decisions you make in terms of procrastination, what you do for yourself and your future and how it is easy to get lost in the night because it makes us feel good and lets us get distracted. "I'm drawn in by the lights and I keep mixing my business with pleasure". You get lost in the somewhat intrusive (in a good way) drums, mashed with the most beautiful folsetto in the chorus and it transport you to those nights out that you need when everything's getting a little bit too much.

When I asked Jay what influenced The Night, he said "I guess 'cause we are all fucking broke, haha. And it was just about how we all have aspirations and dreams of bigger and better things but when the weekend comes, we are still down in spoons spending our money on those cheap ass delicious drinks! I guess it's also about getting your priorities straight and what it takes to make it."

Go to Soundcloud to check out Jay Lewn's debut single 'Nicotine Clouds' which was released in December, an equally beautiful track that explores cigarette smoke as a metaphor for mental health issues and 'bad-for-you' relationships. Jay tells me, "Cigarrete smoke sticks to clothes and the wearer knows its there but no one can see it. It's the same with depression/anxiety."

If you like his work, he will be playing the Jazz Cafe later this year (date to be announced so watch out).

If James Blake and Jamie Woon had a musical baby, Jay Lewn would be the creation!

Check out The Night HERE:

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